Friday, November 13, 2009


A training programme on the e-ticketing system was organized for 78 functionaries of 21 units of three services from 03rd to 06th November, 2009 at the CENTRAD of Office of CGDA. The trainees included 21 officers and 37 PBORs. The theoretical portion of the training session covered classroom lectures on features of IRCTC -website, DAD portal and its links with IRCTC, security features in the system, booking of tickets for various types of Defence Travel, both official and personal, cancellation and management control system for the defence units.

More than 50 % of the time was spent in providing hands on practical training for booking and cancellation of tickets under various travel rules for Defence Services. The trainees performed 136 booking /cancellation transactions to acquire expertise in the system. All the participants were very enthusiastic for early introduction of pilot project and its subsequent extension to entire country. The bugs and deficiencies reported in the e-travel system are being corrected and 3 Service HQrs have been assured about the excellence of the project before its launch. The three (3) Service HQrs have agreed for the launch of the pilot project anytime in last week of November 2009.

The training programme was inaugurated by Mrs. Neeta Kapoor, Addl. CGDA. Speaking on the occasion she assured the Service HQrs that with the availability of a virtual PRS in each unit of Army , Navy and Air Force, booking and cancellation of rail tickets and subsequent train journey on a confirmed ticket would become extremely convenient for 15 lakh uniformed Defence travellers and their families. She thanked the DGOL, Lt. Gen A C Soneja, AVSM, VSM ** and Service HQrs for extending their full co-operation during development of the e-ticketing system and its ensuing launch.

The DGOL who was the Chief Guest on this occasion advised all the participants to devote full attention and energy to master both micro and macro level issues so as to successfully implement the pilot project and also to point out areas of deficiencies in the system, if any. DGOL assured that three Service HQrs would extend their maximum co-operation for the success of pilot project and its subsequent extension through out the country in a short time frame.

While closing the course on 06th November in the valediction session chaired by Shri A K Saxena, Jt. CGDA(Trg), each service officer was requested to give their individual feedback and about 10 PBORs from three Services were also requested to give their feedback. The bugs and deficiencies reported would be rectified within a week’s time and the pilot project should be launched by the last week of November 2009. As requested by Service HQrs, CENTRAD in consultation with project officers of e-ticketing system shall design distance- learning and e-learning packages for covering all units of the three Defence Services in a very tight compressed time frame.

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  1. I booked a rail ticket for me using irctc vide PNR no. 2562870011 (Transaction ID: 0480387060) for journey from DMO-LTT on September 2, 2012 for the journey on September 22, 2012 in Train No. 11072, the only train plying to Mumbai from nearest station from my home town. Unfortunately, I could not travel and i had to file TDR on 16/09/2012. I was informed by irctc that refund will come within 90 days.

    After 4 months of follow up, the status of TDR is showing as regretted. Please hold to get the refund.
    I filed the complaint in Consumer Court also but. Still not got any response. Please help me to get some solution.