Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Shri Nand Kishore, CGDA dedicated the new office complex of the Pay and Accounts Office, Brigade of Guards at Kamptee on 15th July, 2011. Sanctioned during the 3rd perspective plan, the building for 400 officers and over 18,500 PBORs was completed in end of June, 2011.

Completed at a cost of Rs. 2 crores, which is a saving from the approved cost of Rs. 2.50 crores, the three – storied building has been constructed by the MES. The complex is LAN enabled and has been equipped with superior computer hardware, which will ensure the effective running of Project Dolphin.
Speaking on the occasion, the CGDA, besides dwelling on the importance of the Brigade of the Guards, spoke at length about Project Samarth (the Monthly Pay System for the PBORs) and Project Dolphin (the latest RDBMS payroll package developed for implementing the MPS for PBORs). He urged the officers and staff of the Defence Accounts Department to keep up the good work and strive to make the system more efficient and user- friendly.


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