Friday, August 21, 2009


A course on Defence Financial Management for Army Officers of Western Command was conducted by Regional Training Centre, CDA (Army), Meerut at Jammu from 14th – 18th of July, 2008. with particiaption of 32 Army Officers. The course lectures were delivered by various IFAs and senior Army officers. The course was found very useful and was highly appreciated by the participants.

Another DFMC for Army Officers of Western Command was conducted by RTC, Meerut at RTC, Meerut from 20th to 24th October, 2008. the course was inaugurated by Dr S K Sharma, IDAS, PCDA (HRD) and attended by various Army/ DAD authorities including Maj. Gen. Rameshwar Yadav, GOC, 22 Inf. Div. as Guest of Honour. A total of 32 Army officers participated in the course. The course was considered very useful.
A DFMC for Army officers posted at Army Headquarters was organized at Office of the CGDA, Training Division, Brar Square from 10th to 12th November, 2008. Some of the topics that were dealt during this course included “ Revenue Resource Management Process, DPP, DPM”, “Priority Procurement Plan (PPP), Budgeting and Monitoring of Committed Liabilities”, “ Tendering , PNC/TPC, Negotiation, expenditure Sanction and Post Contract Management” etc. 25 officers participated in the course.

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